Cancer Chemotherapy by Christina Maybry

My name is Christina Mabry and I am 28 years old.  In 2003 I had a tumor (7.5 cm) removed from the T 10 area of my spine.  It turned out to be high grade cancer.  The only thing that got me through my chemo treatments was my marijuana.  My oncologist did prescribe Marinol but it only helped with my nausea and my appetite, not my depression or pain.  Now, a year and a half later, my cancer has returned and I am on a mission.  Every single one of my doc's (oncologists, orthopedic oncologists, cardiothoracic surgeon, etc) agrees with me & have no problem with my use.  My oncologist is even checking to see if he can write me a prescription!!  It won't happen, because I live in Tennessee, but at least I feel I have got some kind of ball rolling. 

He is willing to write me a letter of recommendation, or whatever it takes to get me what I need.  This time around my tumor has not only grown back but the cancer has spread to my T10 vertebrae & they are going to have to remove the vertebrae along with the new tumor.  Sounds like fun, huh?!  My problem is this- the quality of stuff where I live is a joke.  I need medical grade marijuana that will help with my ailments, and I don't know which websites are legit and which ones are scams.  I am putting together a little report for my doctors and I need good references.  I also need decent weed.  I have recently purchased a small vaporizer and have been researching how to make hash and its benefits. I started out smoking weed about 10 yrs ago for recreational use.  The irony-my senior thesis in high school was a pro medical marijuana stance.  How could I have known ten or eleven years later I would be repeating myself...this time my life and sanity are on the line.   Thank you for your time.