Post-Traumatic Pain by Barbara Weeks

I was in an accident on a Greyhound bus in 1997 and suffered severe neck and back injuries. Of course the doctors gave me pain pills, but there are just too many side affects that I do not want to deal with. So I smoke weed. I find that it relaxes me enough so I can tolerate the pain better. Then in July 2005 I had to have a mastectomy because of breast cancer. The chemo is terrible so once again I smoked. It has relieved the nausea and the pain from the surgery. The doctors gave me Marinol but I think smoking has a better effect than the pills. The government should legalize marijuana and let people that have a lot of problems get and use it for medical purposes. Also because of the accident I suffer from severe depression and anxiety attacks, and I am a bit agoraphobic.  I know it sounds like a lot for one person, but believe me I have all this going on in my life right now, So I WILL continue to smoke marijuana as long as it helps me to make it thru the day. I am a mother and grandmother,  and if God forbid one of my children or grandbabies was going thru a sickness like I am, I would be the first one over there and let them smoke.