General Anxiety Disorder
By George

I am IT Professional and I consider myself a heavy user (4-6 joints a day). I am 36 years 'young' and I wanted to share my story.

A couple of years ago I had a nervous breakdown. I couldn't function etc so I sought help. I saw a psychiatrist who diagnosed me with General Anxiety Disorder, mild depression and chronic fatigue syndrome. I was a physical and emotional mess.

All my life I kept fit and active until I got married in my early twenties. I worked, made babies and basically took it easy. Since then I have gained 80lbs in weight to tip the scales at 240lbs. For my height, 5'7", that's a lot of excess (BMI 35+). I was also addicted to sugar and found I needed to take anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs (ibuprofen, aspirin, paracetamol etc) almost daily to combat muscle spasms and chronic pain.

At the time of my breakdown, I began to re-evaluate the methods I adopted to relieve stress and deal with my Anxiety. Under doctor prescription I went on Zoloft which lifted my mood tremendously but only provided minor relief from anxiety. The dose was increased until I eventually was on the maximum daily dose allowed. This further reduced my anxiety levels but I felt it wasn't enough.

Until, that is, I decided to give THC a serious go.

The difference is nothing short of miraculous. My tension levels remain low and are easily manageable. Sugar cravings and sweet food cravings in general are under control. I rarely use any pain killing drug as I find them unnecessary. I only require half the Zoloft to maintain normal moods and deal with stress/anxiety. My appetite has returned to that of a younger man and I have lost weight! From 240 to 220 lbs in 8 weeks. I am finding that rather than feeling cravings I have a healthy appetite for pure water and wholesome home cooking. Also, satiety level is more sensitive. The signal to stop is stronger.

Most importantly, marijuana keeps me 'cool'. I rarely feel the need to shout at the kids and be angry. My tolerance to stress has greatly improved and I can now easily open my heart and mind to life's possibilities.

I hope people can find some inspiration from what Dr Grinspoon is doing. The therapeutic application of marijuana, for me, is enhancing my existence and my relationships.

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