Marijuana Use and Migraines
by Anonymous

My name is John. I’m 32 years old and a graphic artist by trade. My wife Sandy, a 32-year-old housewife, is the love of my life and second to none except my faith. My wife is Baptist in faith. I am Church of God by birth and nondenominational by choice. We have two wonderful children ages 11 and 13. My wife is a nature lover. If she had her way, our house would be a sanctuary for every poor little animal in need. She has her plants, two birds, and fish which she calls her babies. I can remember how happy we used to be together and how she would always be waiting with a hug and a kiss when I came home from work. But all I do anymore is hold her and tell her someone out there will help us.

For the past eight years or so we have had a constant battle with her illness. She suffers from constant migraine headaches, which are many times so bad that I have to take her to the hospital emergency room for care. To make matters worse, she has a seizure disorder and a cyst in the pineal region of the brain. We have been told by four different physicians, including a surgeon, that the cyst could not be removed. She also suffers from nausea and vomiting with or without medication. Her doctors say the headaches are multiple tension migraines, which are said to be very hard to treat. She has been on countless medications, just about every new drug used for migraines, with no real improvement at all.

About two years ago her weight dropped from 110 pounds to 84 pounds in a short time, and the nausea and vomiting were so bad she could not hold even water down. The doctor put her on medication used to treat cancer patients for nausea, but it did not work. I bought some books on herbs and tried the mixtures used to treat problems like hers, but I had no luck with them, and some of them were just too dangerous. Then I came across a weed that at one time was used by doctors for a wide range of problems. It was listed as analgesic-hypnotic, antiasthmatic, antibiotic, antidepressant and tranquilizer, antitussive, appetite stimulant, oxytocic, preventive and anodyne for neuralgia (including migraine). The book that said that it had a low toxicity and that no confirmed deaths had ever been attributed to it, but it had been outlawed in 1937. This was marijuana. I really didn’t care about the "outlawed" part. She was losing weight at the rate of about three to four pounds every two weeks, so I had to do something and I couldn’t wait for a doctor’s okay. I bought four grams for $105 and gave her one fourth of a gram two times a day for one week. It not only allowed her to eat and hold the food down, but also put a stop to the migraines and the seizures all at the same time. She went from a grand-mal type of seizure activity to NO migraines and NO seizure activity at all! When she is using it, she has a normal life just like anyone else, but when she doesn’t she has the same problems as before.

Just last year we went to see a doctor at the Ohio State University Hospital’s Department of Neurology, Division of Epilepsy, but this just gave us another problem to deal with. The doctor there gave her two treatments of IV-DHE and Solu-Medrol, and both times this caused her to have problems with her heart. He wanted to try it again, but the hospital refused, saying that a third treatment could be fatal. When I told him that I had found a weed that could stop the headaches, seizures, and nausea and vomiting all at the same time, he just would not listen to me at all.

The medication the doctors have given her makes her an invalid 24 hours a day, and the only way to keep her alive without any medicine is sedation in the hospital emergency room. As I write this letter, it’s been 10 days since she’s been able to hold food down. Sandy’s present doctor has suggested removing certain parts of her brain to stop the seizures, but he says this may or may not help. The other choice would be an implant to help with the migraines, but the implant has risks. Some patients have died because of it. To me, the better choice would be cannabis. It seems to be the safest and the only one that really works for her.

We live in a small town in Ohio where the use of the only medicine that keeps her alive puts us at risk of going to jail every day. My wife and I would just like to have a happy life together until it is our time to go home to the Lord. Just a few weeks ago we decided to explain to our children why Mommy is normal some days and very sick on others. We explained to them that when Mommy is okay, it’s because she is using marijuana. The response that I received from them was that if marijuana helps our Mommy to be with us longer, then give our Mommy what she needs. My 9-year-old niece asked me a question about drugs. She asked if the medicine that he doctors give her Aunt Sandy are drugs. Then she asked if marijuana is a drug. I said yes. Then she asked if God made marijuana. I said yes. "Well", she said,"if both are drugs, then who would know more about what my Aunt Sandy needs, God or the doctors?" I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that the questions of a 9-year-old girl make more common sense than our government ever has.

I don’t really know why I’m writing this letter. It will most likely get us into trouble, but I just felt the need to tell someone. I hope that it will allow others to see that sometimes right and wrong are not so clear, and that sometimes you have to do whatever it takes to live. I do thank you for your time.

His wife’s letter:

Dear Sir:

My husband wrote you about my medical problem and the use of marijuana. I would like to express my feelings about the subject and how it has helped me. Before I started using marijuana I weighed about 84 pounds. I have seizures and can smell a chemical-like smell which seems to be linked to the seizures and the horrible migraines. Because of this chemical smell, everything I eat or drink seems to come right back up. A lot of times I can’t even hold water down. When I became ill it changed everything in my life. It gets so bad at times that I just can’t keep from crying because of the pain and because I am so hungry but can’t keep food down. My husband John was tired of watching me being tossed from doctor to doctor without any change, and I was so sick that I looked and felt like death itself. He said that he would find a way to help me even if it cost him his life. He felt so desperate and tired of watching me slowly die. Now that I’ve been using marijuana, I weigh 108 pounds. It’s taken a while to get there but I made it. I’m glad my husband gave me this herb and I’m not ashamed of it because to me it has been truly a lifesaver. It really has been a nightmare over the years. I’ve had to be bathed, carried to and from the bathroom, and even fed. My husband does all this, and I know it must be hard on him. I feel so guilty that he has to do almost everything for me when he is not able to get my medicine. His reply is that it is his duty as a husband and he doesn’t mind and loves me unconditionally. But still I can’t help feeling guilty because I know he deserves a life without the stress of taking care of a sick wife and worrying about how he will get my medicine or even the money to do so. It is so expensive where we live. I think he deserves a medal for all that he does.

I have a loving Father (God), a great husband, and a kind Mother (Nature), so truly heaven and earth heard my cry. My husband loves me enough to risk everything to save my life. He did what he felt was right. But the laws of man and the government don’t agree. Where is the justice for those who suffer and are dying because our government refuses to release an herb that doesn’t even belong to them? It belongs to God. It is a real shame that a person can be labelled a criminal for just wanting to be free from a life of suffering and pain. I myself refuse to suffer without cause when there is an herb made by God’s own hands that can grant me that freedom. Every green herb was made for the use of man, so why should the government or anyone else dictate which herb can and can’t be used?

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my letter.

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