"Please Tell Me Why?" by Alistair

Please Tell Me Why?
by Alistair

Hello I am male born in 1967 in Manchester UK.I started using cannabis when i was about 16, I trained to become a chef (cook). It was very hard work, stressful with very long, unsociable hours, I used cannabis as a recreational drug, I was very overweight at 16 and my weight increased until I was 21.

At 21 I moved to Amsterdam just for the reason of the relaxed laws concerning cannabis, I had heard of using cannabis for medical use but I honestly did not really believe. I stayed in Holland for 4 years and during this time my weight reduced to a normal body size, I then moved back to the UK and had to buy cannabis on the black market.

In a time of shortage of cannabis i tried Heroin and became addicted, Heroin took over my life for the next 20 years. It was not all bad, I met my wife (also a heroin addict) and we had a child (my wife was now on a controlled methadone script as was I). My daughter grew up in a chaotic home, but don't get me wrong, I have always kept a full time job and my daughter has never gone without, she has always attended school even when my wife had cancer we kept it together with no outside help.

About two years ago we decided to clean up our lives and stop using opiates. I finished work to concentrate on my detox, I decided to use cannabis again to see if it would help. I started growing medical grade, we have now been clean of heroin for a year and are reducing our methadone use monthly. It has helped with my wife's anxiety and she no longer needs sleeping pills.

I was also diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about 12 years ago, and put on oral and injectable medication. I am now off all of my diabetes meds and losing weight and my doctors are confused as to how this has happened. I know it's the effect of cannabis because during shortages my blood sugar goes through the ceiling.

It is very difficult in the UK due to the law, and I have had problems with the police, but after considering where we have come from and the way we feel I am prepared to break this law. It seems like the best option for me and my family. My daughter hates all drugs but even she is happy that things are moving in such a positive way and my wife is no longer in a diazepam coma... VIVA CANNABIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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