Post Surgery Pain Relief
By Mike

I worked in the construction industry for most of my working life. In recent times I have suffered 2 major injuries through work related accidents. Post surgery, I found the need to consume prescription painkillers. The list of side effects and problems related to these prescription drugs included stomach ulcers, constipation, headaches and depression. As an alternative, I began using cannabis for pain relief. As I am unable to return to the industry, I have been forced to learn new skills to earn an income. Throughout my recuperation I have been able to set myself up as a sound engineer. If I remained on prescription drugs for pain relief, none of what I have achieved would have been possible.

My second operation involved open knee surgery and cartilage replacement. With the help of cannabis as a pain killer, just nine months later I am walking up and down steps and the surgeons are impressed when informed of my progress. (Needless to say, I informed them of my "alternative medicine").

In more recent times I have had another reason for going without cannabis, one which  involves my need to prove to the more na´ve  and uninformed people in my family that I'm not addicted to it, (a very long story). Through this experience I have once again found the need to take prescription pain relief and this has increased to the level where they have affected my ability to function during the period of relief and after they wear off as well.  They leave me very tired and unable to focus on the tasks I needed to accomplish.

Due to the time frame it takes for THC to leave the body, after 8 weeks I still have yet to produce a clear test, and am looking forward to returning to a medicinal and lifestyle choice that I enjoy.  One that, quite frankly, does not harm anyone and, on a personal level, is far better for my health than anything the medical profession can prescribe.

 I guess the whole point of my story is to help people understand that it is, at least for me, more than just my preferred recreational release and one which, in my belief, should not be considered an illegal substance by the people who have neither tried nor bothered to even learn about its benefits.

I applaud the states in the U.S. and other countries around the world that have either lessened or abolished the outdated laws governing this “wonder weed."

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