ADHD and Depression by Anonymous

I am a social worker with a Masters degree. I have taught child and therapy for many years and currently run an after school program for kids.

I was raised with strong moral beliefs. Since I discovered marijuana as the best medicine for my ADHD and depression I have struggled continually as to whether to continue smoking it. It could cost me my job and all the long hours of college. It would also cost my reputation because pot is illegal.

When can we end this insanity and unfair judgment? The first time I was able to put a label on my ADHD was during grad school. We were leaning about mental health illness in the DMIV and I soon realized that I had just about every condition of ADHD.  Thus I went to the doctor. He was more concerned with my depression and prescribed Prozac. I did not like Prozac. I was very dizzy and felt ill. And I could not get an erection. I started smoking pot and things got better. My wife always was upset when I smoked because it’s illegal. I have the same concerns. This is not fair.