Adult ADHD by Anonymous

I was diagnosed with ADHD back in 2001 and given Adderall.  Back then I was 18,and now I am almost 23.  Aderall helped moderately, though there were many unpleasant side effects.  I had also been taking Prozac for depression from an early age.

About a year ago I discovered marijuana and found it did not produce an intoxicating effect in me but rather helped me concentrate better.  Since then I have quit smoking tobacco, stopped taking Adderall, and found no need for Prozac, which I felt dulled my emotions anyway.

The effectiveness of marijuana compared to these prescription drugs makes me question the rationale for its prohibition.  Why are amphetamines handed out to kids like candy while a natural remedy holds the potential for a jail sentence?  I feel healthier now.  My college grades have jumped to straight A's this year.

Since Washington seems to be the machine of turning cash into legislation, where are the lobbyists for the legalization of marijuana?  I feel a donation coming on.