ADHD by James D. Webber


I am a 25-year-old with ADHD, I was diagnosed with it when I was only a child. I was on every drug you can think of for ADHD, even some experimental ones.  None of them worked. When I was 15, I first smoked a marijuana cigarette; I found that even though it gave me a buzz like alcohol, it also helped me focus.  It was much better than any of the other drugs they gave me.


I've been using marijuana ever since for my ADHD When I use marijuana, I nowhere near as hyper, and more talkative and outgoing. I never understood the reasoning behind the prohibition.. I do know that I was arrested when I was 23 and put on probation for possession. I was recently caught again right after my probation ended and am soon to go to court. I do not know what exactly to expect on my second charge, but I do know that my ADHD is not a good excuse to the people around here if I get locked up and start to lose it.  Maybe my story will help in the legalization of medicinal marijuana. It has been kind of a dream of mine to be a martyr for something I believe in.