ADHD by Stephen Lockhart

I have been diagnosed and  living with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) for all my life(20yrs), but it wasn't until 7 years ago that I began medication.  Ritalin did not work for me because it would cause major mood swings in the evenings as the medicine would wear off.  After about a year of Ritalin I switched to Adderal, and that has worked great, but if I took it too late in the afternoon, because of its time release, I would always have difficulty going to sleep.  I began smoking marijuana in the 10th grade as a "recreation thing", but as I used it more and more, I realized that it not only helped me get to sleep a lot easier at night, but had a better effect on me than my medication did. 

Now I just smoke marijuana and donít take my medicine.  I smoke, on average, 2-3 joints a day (I know that's a little much), but my behavior in and out of school seems to be emotionally stabilized.