A High School Student with ADHD by Anonymous

My son Bruce was diagnosed with ADHD in the first grade.  He has been on Ritalin followed by Adderall, until the present.  Bruce has had failing or near-failing grades in school for his entire life.  I had never attended a conference or meeting in school that didn't end up with me in tears and completely frustrated.  Bruce is the most wonderful boy, but a true ADHD boy.  He has never been able to read, watch TV, study, or just "hang out" at any time in his life.  This is very frustrating for him and trying for a mother. This year Bruce is in the eleventh grade, mostly by being pushed through the system.  In October of this school year, I went to a meeting at the school to discuss Bruce's work with all of his teachers and the child study team.  Every teacher said that they couldn't believe the difference in Bruce this year.  He is getting A's and B's in all of his classes, has turned in every homework assignment, and asks for extra help when needed.  They also all said that he now focuses very well.  He isn't constantly fidgeting in his seat, disrupting the class, or looking for reasons to get out of class.  When I came home that day, I sat Bruce down, praised him through the roof, and asked him what he thought the reason was for this amazing turnaround.  He answered me by asking me if I wanted to hear the truth.  I, of course said yes, and he responded, "I smoke pot before school, I swear, Mom, think I finally found the cure for my ADHD” This leaves me with a dilemma. I would actually give it to him myself if it weren't illegal, but because of the law and society, I just turn my head and kind of pretend that I don't know.  And secretly cross my fingers that he won't run out of it or be caught. What to do?