ADHD by John Soriano

I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was 18.  I am now 19.  I don’t see why it was only picked up recently despite my poor school habits and behavior.

I was placed on 5mg of Dexedrine, and that did nothing for me but make me stay up and not want to eat. I did not like this at all because (until a year ago)I was "drug free" and saw marijuana as stupid and a waste of my time.

After some peer pressure I gave in, and am very glad that I did! Marijuana literally turned my life around in a matter of 8 months.  I am no longer up and running around, hitting people.  Now I am laid back, motivated and have a job at a bank and a new car that I am paying for, something I am sure I would have not accomplished while on Dex.

I admit that I am still a little "hyperactive" but the use of marijuana made a big impact on my life and now I am a productive member of society because of it.