Anorexia/Bulimia by Abbey

My name is Abbey and I am 18 years old.  I have been battling an eating disorder called anorexia.  I have fought and fought and fought it and finally conquered it. However I began to slip into bulimia.  I have never found that medium where Id eat enough to maintain a healthy body and still feel comfortable with myself.

I began smoking marijuana about 6 years ago for recreational purposes.  I realized that marijuana helped me conquer anorexia.  Id smoke the drug and get the "munchies" causing me to eat. 

As I slipped into my bulimia I realized marijuana helped me once again.  To clarify the characteristics of my particular case of bulimia, I never would binge eat then purge.  I just threw up anything I ate.  I could have been an apple (something little) or an 8 course gourmet meal.  It never mattered, I threw it up.  Marijuana saved my life once again.  While I was under the influence of the drug, it did something to my system where I would not be able to throw up.  Even if I tried and tried to force myself I just couldnt succeed.  As a result my body began getting used to the food that stayed in my stomach. 

I can say that this illegal drug saved my life and my future health!