Depression and Anorexia Nervosa by Tracy Kawakami

I suffer from severe depressive episodes and anorexia nervosa, and have for the past 10 years.  I was offered so many pills by my doctor, but listened to my then boyfriend instead and started smoking weed.  It worked for my anorexia by stimulating my appetite almost immediately.   Even to this day, I will ignore my hunger all day, but as soon as I light a joint with my friends, I forget to think "if you eat that, you'll be fat and ugly again", which is what happens without the weed. 

I had two children, and during both pregnancies and subsequent nursing, I stopped smoking marijuana.  When my youngest was two and a half, I had my most severe episode of depression.  All of a sudden I couldn't wake up, and when I was awake, I was tired, lifeless and went on crying jags that lasted most of the day.  My children were terrified and confused and I couldn't help myself, let alone them.  I went to my doctor again, and he prescribed me a mild dose of Prozac, but because my best friend had taken it and I saw what it did to her, I threw it out and made new weed contacts. 

Now I smoke marijuana because it helps me to relax and enjoy life, it eases my stress level, and it inspires me to be creative, and because of this my best friend and I are going to open a small business herre in Winnipeg soon.  Thanks to the marijuana, we were able to sit down and formulate a plan as well as keep ideas flowing.  Also because of marijuana, I'm a better mom to my kids.  When I'm high I don't yell and I'm more attentive to them, rather than what went wrong that day.