Adult Anorexia by Anonymous

I have an unusual medical need for marijuana--adult anorexia (atypical because it's not self-induced, simply lack of appetite). I've had this condition for 30 years, and it has become so severe that I have had to be on intravenous feeding the past 10 years. The risks of long-term I-V feedings through a surgically placed catheter are septic infection (which I nearly died from 7 years ago) and liver failure.

Now I am off the I-V feedings and doing everything under the sun to stimulate my appetite and avoid the exorbitantly expensive and dangerous I-V treatment. Medical marijuana should have been prescribed to me 30 years ago when this problem started. I live in NY and by now am too ill to travel.

I tried Marinol, but only experienced negative side effects and no appetite improvement.