Nabilone and Chemotherapy7

I am a 33yr old male from Vancouver B.C. I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease (lymph node cancer) when I was 17.Hospitalized for 4 weeks, before I began rigorous chemotherapy treatments. My group of doctors and specialists (some of whom are highly regarded, as the best in their field) decided on prescribing Nabilone, another synthetic form of THC, like Marinol, which when taken orally, causes similar euphoric effects of marijuana, as well as increased appetite. The nabilone I was taking helped reduce some of the nausea and vomiting associated with post chemotherapy treatments.

During one of my weekly chemotherapy treatments, I asked my doctor" what if I just smoked some marijuana, after the treatment. He replied” I wouldn't condone it, but I also won't condemn it",@ 17 I took that as " yea sure go ahead and try it”, so I did, and it alleviated the vomiting almost completely, better than the nabilone did, gave me the appetite I needed, to boost my immune system, and gave me a general relaxed feeling of well being.

I am currently using marijuana to alleviate the desperate craving that comes with cigarette addiction, after a week of giving up the nicotine habit. The marijuana has helped me through the toughest part of detoxification, and I can now quit smoking pot with ease, as there are no addictive substances in it.

I for one condone the use of marijuana not only for medicinal purposes, but also as a recreational enhancing drug, free from the dependency causing drugs like cigarettes and alcohol.

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