Nausea and Vomiting of Cancer Chemotherapy by James Johnson

I was diagnosed with stage 3 non-small cell lung cancer 2 days before my 50th birthday last July 2005 I had surgery that left a few pieces of the cancer. I spent two months in hospitals and had 8 sessions of chemotherapy. I was taking 9 different meds to fight the vomiting/nausea/pain and constipation from pain meds. Most had worse side effects than poison treatments! I got pill poisoning at end of chemo and I was sick for 2 months after last chemo treatment. I asked my oncologist about a prescription for medical marijuana. He agreed.  Nothing else worked.  I started gaining some weight or at least not losing weight any more and was able to get off of 6 of the pills. The overall relief was heaven! I’ve had 21 radiation treatments with only 7 more to go. After the third, I started to have the same extreme side effects again. New pills were no help.  A friend brought me some M.M.  I started gaining a little weight again and did not throw up again for the remaining 10 treatments. It’s getting close to a year of mostly pure HELL. No new cancer as of 05/01/06. Woooowhooooo' 

Because medical marijuana is the only drug that has STOPPED me wanting to just die and make my misery stop!!  I have no bad side effects. The two prescription drugs I am taking are Zofran for nausea, vomiting and Marinol for appetite. a 30-day supply of Zofran  cost $3688.00  Marinol 30 day supply cost $1386.00 . The medical marijuana helps far more and costs only about $440.00 a month.  But I can’t afford it with no insurance help. The worst side effect I have experienced was uncontrollable happiness.  Marijuana is a psychoactive drug with a direct effect on the centers for nausea in the brain and maybe reverses the effects of chemotherapies. Go Figure. Can anyone tell me why anybody would spend millions and millions of dollars to synthesize the exact components of marijuana when the FDA and the others that stand to lose $$$$ swear there is no medical value in marijuana, only detrimental properties that would ruin our society?