Nausea from Cancer Chemotherapy, and Convulsions
by Chanyn Hernandez


In December of 2005 I found out I had trophoblastic carcinoma. This is a very rare form of cancer developing from a molar pregnancy.  I had five tumors in my body including one in the brain , one in my spleen one in my right lung , one in my liver  and one in my right kidney...I received chemotherapy for six months and radiation to my brain for the first two weeks.  i am a miracle of god to be telling this story today--I would like to provide a word of encouragement to all suffering from cancer to stay positive and talk with god--he can and will help--your mind must stay positive as negativity affects all parts of your health and mind--"if there is a will there is a way."

So my main point of posting this is to say that cannabis used for medicinal purposes is fantastic. I used cannabis in pill form to help with my nausea from the chemotherapy treatments. It also helped me to relax from the seizures I developed as a result of the brain tumor as well as anxiety. I really don’t know a lot about other illnesses that could benefit from cannabis but I believe it will definitely help those who are in pain and suffering from chronic conditions. I am now 34 years old with three beautiful children and i am extremely thankful for the experience I endured,  because it made me a better person--learning to always be true to myself and at all costs to put my happiness and my children’s happiness first in life...I hope this story can help anyone who is suffering..I feel that this happened to me for a reason---sharing this story I pray will help someone who is suffering and let you know you are not ever alone!!  May god bless all of you!!!