Chronic Nausea

My name is Tom. I am a 47-year-old white male, married 25 years to a wonderful wife. I also have 2 great children 20 and 21 years of age. I have worked at the same company just under 23 years. I am one of those people that like their job. I am now on disability for the past 7 months. Within the last several years my health has declined. I have been diagnosed with R/A and hepatitis C. I have also lost my hearing. I am told the problems are all related to an autoimmune system problem. I am vomiting 2 to 7 times a day and even when I am not I feel like I am going to. Besides seeing many doctors in my home town, I have seen 6 doctors at the Mayo Clinic (all referrals). I have been given several different meds for the vomiting that have not helped. One call Zofran cost just under $1600.00 for a month supply and did not work. A friend of mine talked me into trying marijuana after showing me an article he had concerning its benefits. Truthfully I was at the end of my rope and probably would have tried anything. My PCP had been telling me (through my wife) that he had a patient with a similar problem and he had to install a port for injections 3 times a day just to eat. I have lost over 50 pounds myself and figured I was heading the same route.

 Well, to my amazement the marijuana worked like a charm. It only seems to work for three or four hours at a time, then wears off, but. et me tell you 3-4 hours when you are as sick as I is a long time.. I usually smoke a half a joint at a time, depending on the quality. I have a difficult time trying to supply myself and also some guilt about doing it , due to the law and setting an example to my children. I just cannot understand why this product is not made legal for medical use. I also find I am able to cut down on a pain med I am taking when I am lucky enough to have some marijuana. I just feel the current laws are inhuman.