Treatment of Depression and Pain by Alex

Iím a Chilean guy, 33 years old, and in the past year I have had a lot of illness.  I had two operations-- one for peritonitis, and the last one for a herniated disc in my spine (L5/S1). In the middle of both operations I had a depression.

 It helped with the depression when I decided to replace the medication with marihuana cigars.  I'd experienced a complete rehab, and now I'm very fine on that topic. With my back pain, I just smoke a marihuana cigar and itís over. I can be happy and healthy. I'm not saying that just by smoking weed you'll be happy and without pain. I'm just saying that it worked like a charm in my case. And I can bet that it will work in almost every person who tries it as a medicine, or just to feel peaceful. I do smoke weed as a recreational hobby ;-), and I'm feeling very happy that it helped me in those hard periods.

I will recommend it to anyone who has a pain and wants to be happy.