Depression by Stephen

I love marijuana.  Through out my childhood and teenage years I suffered extreme depression.  The emotional instability of my family and my natural impulses of alienation among my peers fueled a lot of my personal conflict.  By the time I was a senior in high school things seemed real bad.  My lack of faith in my self and humanity seemed to be reaching an all time low.   That is about the time me and one of my best friends started smoking pot on a regular basis.  Looking back on all of it, I realize that we both experienced a lot of instability in our homes. 

I don't think that marijuana solves all of your personal problems.  But it does give you a second to step back and realize the impermanence in everything.  It also can give you an amazing dosage of awe and wonder in the universe:  A feeling of connectedness.  Not that we should need pot to feel these feelings.  But it does give you a jolt, a jolt of the divine that you can not readily experience in extreme moments of egomania. 

I don't smoke pot as obsessively as I used to, but I don't feel as frighteningly depressed or alone as I used to.  I smoke it from time to time.  All things considered,  life is good.  I am now going to college, pursing goals I never thought I could or would in the heart of my depression.