Marihuana and Depression


I began using marihuana when I was 16 years old. To begin with it was only for fun. Then about a month later I was diagnosed as clinically depressed (I was told I was too young for them to put manic-depressive in my file). They put me on Trazodone and Wellbutrin to "stabilize" me. It seemed to work okay, but it was only a six-month program, so when I began to feel better I took myself off my medication. Two years later I started back to counseling, pregnant, so no medications this time. When I had my daughter I went into a spiral; I lost all hope, dignity, and self-will. The only thing I found that I could afford, because I had no insurance, was marihuana. The marihuana helped me function on a "normal" basis without having to take days lying in bed depressed and feeling all alone. I’ve been a pretty regular user (when I can find it) to help maintain a level of calm and normalcy in my life. My daughter is now three and doesn’t know exactly what is wrong with mommy. She knows that I see the Doctor (counselor) regularly—at least twice in a bad month. I have been prescribed everything from lithium to Depakote. I also have been prescribed at least four different drugs for sleep but I become immune in about 2 months time. The marihuana is the only thing I’ve found that can continually help me with my sleep, depression and mania. The medications I am currently supposed to be on are Depakote, Wellbutrin, and Ambien, but the total cost per month is $250.00. I’m by no means rich and this is just out of my league for expenses. I can get a quarter of marihuana for $25-50 depending on time of year and supplier. I hope the United States government will soon realize what a wonderful herb (drug) like marihuana can do for our country and the sick and ailing people in it. Thank you for listening to my story.