My husband suffers from deep depression.  Yes, he goes to a psychiatrist.  Yes, he takes Wellbutrin--3 per day.  But when he does not have MJ, his depression deepens.  He cries easily.  He gets like a kid with no friends.  Everything goes wrong that he tries to do or fix--he is very good with his hands in fixing things.

MJ is the only medicine that stops him from thinking too much, remembering his horrid childhood and his abusive parents.  MJ is the only medicine that relaxes him and allows him to sleep well.  MJ makes him happy.  The only side effect is: he gains weight easily because all food looks extra good.

For my husband, MJ is a medical necessity.  But here, in NV, it is not legal. So it comes and goes and costs too much.  So the crying goes on.  At age 59, a sub-vet ought to be treated with more dignity, I think.