Bipolar Disorder and Endometriosis by Anonymous

I have bipolar disorder and was hospitalized for a manic episode in 2001. Also, I have generalized anxiety disorder and panic attacks. These disorders made it very difficult for me to focus on college and be able to finish anything I started. I had failed 4 semesters of school. In addition, the depression made it hard for me to keep weight on (I would lose 20 lbs in 1 month!). It would get to the point where friends and family would accuse me of having an eating disorder. However, in reality food just didn't taste good anymore, not even a hamburger and ice cream (my favorites!). While the lithium proved to stop any manic episodes, my doctor and I were unable to find a antidepressant that was able to stop the depressions. At the suggestion of my parents and husband I started to smoke pot at night before dinner. Well, I was able to enjoy food again! I put my normal weight back on (from100 lbs to 120 lbs), and for the first time in my life I have finished 5 semesters of school with a 3.7 overall GPA. Finally, for the first time in my life my anxiety and depression are not taking over my life to the point where I can’t focus on my studies. I have never told my doctor how I was able to defeat my depression.

In addition to using marijuana to treat my bipolar disorder, I also use it for my endometriosis. The pain is so excruciating that it causes me to throw up, have constant diarrhea, hot flashes, cold sweats, ringing of my ears, blinding of my eyes. The pain will not allow me to sit directly on my rear end or lie down. I would stay awake for 48 hours in pain without being able to eat. It wasn't until I starting smoking pot whenever I got my period   that I could get comfortable enough to lie down and get some sleep. Also I was able to stop using 16 Ibuprofen a day. I can't imagine what kind of damage that was to doing to my stomach.