Epilepsy by Melinda Hills

I am a 24 year old, epileptic female. I was born with epilepsy even though it was known to be on both sides of my family. I am fortunate to be able to tell before I have a seizure. I get a “scary feeling” almost like a panic attack. I have had my “scary feelings” ever since I can remember. I thought they were normal and everybody had them.

When I told my parents they just thought I was a normal little kid afraid of the dark. I woke up scared one morning when I was 12. I told my dad and wanted him to hold me. He told me to stop being such a baby and go lay down. I remember heading to the couch but never actually reaching it. Next thing I knew I woke up in the ambulance kicking at the end of the stretcher and ripping the oxygen from my nose cause it tasted so bad and my dad crying to the side of me with his hand over my heart begging me to cooperate.

At first they said it was viral meningitis and it was a one time thing. I told the doctors I did not think it was, because of the feelings I had before it. They sent me home. A month latter I woke up scared, went to school, and told my teacher I was afraid and thought it was going to happen again. She reassured me that I was just overreacting and it would not happen. Later that day in school I had my second seizure.

Soon, after many tests and more seizures, I was diagnosed with epilepsy. I was put on Dilantin, which I was allergic to, thenTegretol, which did not work, Depakote, and many others. I was always able to tell before I had a seizure.  At the same age when I had my first seizure, I hit puberty and started my period. I seem to be on my period most of the time when seizures occur. I have had one child, and during my whole pregnancy I had not one problem or even scare. During that time I never had a period either.

I have found only one thing that really helps me-- weed! I have found if I smoke pot when I get my scary feeling it seems to relax my nerves and basically makes me forget the fear I am experiencing. Pot has prevented several seizures. I truly believe and am living proof that marijuana is a natural medication. If only it was legal. God put it on this earth for a reason. We should take advantage of it.