by Kathryn Lamb

I am 47 years old. At age 17 my sight in one eye started to get weak. At 25 I was diagnosed with glaucoma and a type of iritis. I used drops prescribed by my specialist for 12 years, but the sight deteriorated further until I became totally blind in one eye. My good eye continued to have flare-ups with pressure at the back of the eye. I smoked marihuana for a few years but only occasionally. At the age of 37, while trying to stop smoking cigarettes, I began to smoke marihuana more frequently. Since that time the eyesight in the good eye has been better. I have stopped instilling the drops and have not had a flare-up for years. I still visit the eye specialist twice a year, but the pressure that used to build up at the back of the eye has also not been a problem for years.

I think Mother Nature knows how to heal some things a lot better than man. Smoking marihuana has given me a better quality of sight and therefore the ability to do more of what I want. It may not have cured the disease, but it has certainly slowed it down if not stopped it.