Irritable Bowel Syndrome by Antonio Amerson

 At age nine, when I was first diagnosed with IBS, I vomited up every meal I ate, shat blood, and had crippling diarrhea (symptoms that lasted until my current regimen helped me safely & effectively begin to manage them). Eventually I had to be hospitalized for a year and homeschooled. I never was exactly the same in class again because my symptoms stifled my ability to focus and made it impossible for me to have a nutritionally adequate body. This combined with other things out of my control. This led me through a hellish addiction to opiate painkillers. Then I met a new doctor who recommended medical marijuana . This changed my life tremendously, allowing me for the first time a working regimen; one not solely dependent on a heroin-like substance that can inhibit my ability to think. I’m grateful not only for this, but also for having a comfortable and safe pharmacy to purchase my medication in, as opposed to having to rely on a drug dealer for my life-sustaining medicine.