Marijuana and the Treatment of Asthma by Malui

Hello I’m writing from Mexico, I saw a film about you and the wamm organization, I have some friends that are interested in the things you research and do. We want to know more about you and your fight to legalize marihuana as medical uses.

I also read your book, Marihuana: The Forbidden Medicine, and I consider it so useful and didactic.  I am 24 years and I am a middle and high school teacher. I talk to my students about this kind of things, also I showed them the film and your book. I feel they opened their eyes, and began to look the situation as a possibility of life instead of the bad information everybody talks about. I was wondering if some day the people would open their eyes to alternative medicine.

I suffer from asthma and since I began to consume marihuana my lungs got stronger, and my crisis began to disappear.  I was consuming bronchial medicine to control my crisis, but I suffered the secondary effects, like strong headaches, heart and stomach problems. Some friends since high school spoke about marihuana’s miracles so I decided to use marihuana since I was 17 years and eventually I began to feel better and better every time. I have many friends that consume marihuana instead of aspirins or Prozac.