Meniere's Disease by June

Sorry I'm not from America, I live in England but research is research so I hope you don't mind my pennies worth...LOL

I have lived with Meniere's Disease for 28 years going from mild attacks to severe in the later years. I started to smoke cannabis on a regular basis after 18 years of living with this hell. I found that I could cope better with cannabis than without, not just mentally but it seemed to help with the nausea as well, although I was still sick my stomach seemed to cope with it better. I became completely bedridden (the severe part), and although I couldn't smoke when in a full attack, I did smoke it after the attack had died down, and felt much better than when I didn't (the recovery was quicker).  Since then I have had a Labyrinthectomy (still get loads of pain from that around the ear and over the skull), and now I've gone bilateral.

Cannabis should be made legal the world over as it helps so many diseases, the killer that is allowed and should be banned is alcohol (too much violence from it). All research on this drug is a good thing if the people that should listen, do, but they tend to ignore it's facts.

I also have Arthritis and there are times when all the tablets the Doctor gives me, don't work. This is when I noticed the difference between all the pain drugs and cannabis, the pain drugs would stop working where as cannabis would help to ease the pain. I know quite a few times during my time with cannabis that when I have run out of it, the pain is much worse and will keep me awake at night, but with cannabis I can have a good nights sleep without the disturbance of pain.