Muscle Spasm by Anonymous

For years I have suffered with chronic pain and severe muscle spasms due to a hunting accident and surgery on my back. I have taken more medicine than I can remember-- over 50 different medicines that i know of-- with still no relief for the pain. The only medicine that even came close to helping the muscle spasms was Valium, but my doctor took me off it for fear I would get hooked. I have been smoking marijuana for many years, and it is the only other drug that has helped me with the spasms. 

When a violent spasm in my leg starts coming on, my wife will roll me a joint and within minutes of smoking half of it, the spasms start to dissipate.  Before, it could spasm for hours without relief.  My question is, why will this drug do this when all of the prescription medicines I have taken will not?  Also, I have a medicine pump in my stomach which was put in this February by a pain clinic doctor.  I receive a half a milligram of Dilaudid every fifteen minutes from this pump. The doctor started me out on low doses and is gradually building up, but it still does not in any way compare to the effect from smoking a joint.

Donít get me wrong--- it doesnít fully take away the pain.  But it puts the pain in the distance so I can do some of the things I couldnít do before. What I donít understand is how an illegal drug for which I have been in trouble many times can do all of this, when all of the prescription medicines donít even come close to helping. Thanks for your time.  If you need more information feel free to email me.  I will be happy to answer any questions you have, but I donít want my name used for fear of criminal prosecution again