Myofascial Pain Syndrome by Anonymous

I have been diagnosed with chronic myofascial pain disorder. This is a very painful and debilitating disease. I have missed school and suffered harassment from local police and doctors who believed I was just another kid trying to get painkillers. At times oxycontin has been the only thing that allowed me to keep my sanity. The war on drugs has made it extremely difficult to get pain relieving drugs when necessary. I definitely know this from firsthand experience. I've tried a multitude of drugs. Now I am on an anticonvulsant and two antidepressants. I have found that high quality marijuana works just as well as oxycontin for me. In addition to the analgesic effect, marijuana seems to have antidepressant properties too. Opiates and the other drugs I have taken all have unpleasant side effects. Most of them leave me too drowsy to get anything accomplished. With marijuana, there are few side effects and the sedation is not nearly as great. With some types of marijuana I actually feel more energetic and motivated. If marijuana were legal for medicinal purposes, I could use it without depleting every spare nickel I have for pain relief.