Severe Nausea of Unknown Origin

I will be 31 in 9/2000. I am a single mother who resides with my son.  I have smoked marijuana recreationally for years, but since 1999 I have been smoking it for medicinal purposes.  In 10/99, I began to be constantly nauseous, especially in the morning.  At that time, I weighed in at 112 lbs.    I weigh in now at 98 lbs - I was 93 in April of this year.  The weight loss has been from the constant nausea- I am unable to eat on a queasy stomach. 

Every morning, without fail, I am ill (though mysteriously, some mornings I do get a respite from my misery).  The doctors have tested me for ulcers, have done blood work, have performed a CAT scan, and I have had 2 laparascopic surgeries - to no avail.  If it were not for marijuana; I would have committed suicide from misery by now.  It takes away the nausea. 

I would have lost my job a long time ago if it was not for marijuana- the nausea can be debilitating and keep me in the bathroom without being able to get ready for work.  Further, when I am able to eat and I have eaten food, and the nausea comes, the marijuana suppresses the nausea and I am able to keep the food down and not lose precious calories.  I know something is wrong with me, I just don't know what.  I just know that smoking a "spliff” can lift my misery.   Though to be honest, it would be nice to be able to not HAVE to smoke marijuana.  The only problem is, it is illegal, and I have to take a risk just in order to live in some physical comfort.