Pain and Nausea by Anonymous

I am a college student majoring in psychology and law who has severe birth defects that cause a great deal of pain because of a severely injured nerve. I have hands at my shoulders without arms and severe leg deformities. If that didn't make life interesting enough, I also have severe migraines three times a week. I have chronic pain that never goes away, and I am on countless medications, including morphine, but these give me horrible nausea on top of the nausea I get from the pain and migraines.

I have tried every anti-nausea medication on the market without relief. The only thing that works is Marinol, which also has the least amount of side effects. With Marinol I am able to function in my courses and have a good quality of life. However, even Marinol is not always enough to overcome the pain and nausea. I used to have to be placed in a hospital for a few weeks and get pumped full of methadone, which sedated me until the pain passed. But marihuana gives me total relief and I can still function at a reasonable level.

By the way, if anyone claims that I am just using my condition as an excuse to use marihuana recreationally, they should spend a day in my life. I guarantee that they would do almost anything for a functioning existence.