Psoriasis by Anonymous

I'm no expert on marijuana, or the human body, but I do know a few things. Cannabis in the blood stream helps to regulate the immune system and move it to act in an anti-inflammatory manner.

I have suffered psoriasis for many years, and I have tried literally every pill, cream, foam, lotion, injection, etc. on the market. They either do not work, or they land me in the emergency room.

Psoriasis, for those of you who don't know, is a condition of over-activity in the immune system and extreme inflammation. It would seem that marijuana, given its properties that I just mentioned, is the miracle drug for psoriasis. Marijuana is also a powerful pain suppressant, which helps with the constant burning, stinging, and itching that I and so many others suffer. Marijuana also calms the smoker and relieves a great deal of stress and anxiety, which have been proven to worsen the effects of psoriasis.

Marijuana is in every way shape and form the ideal drug to combat psoriasis, and I implore whoever I can to legalize it, and let those of us with chronic and painful psoriasis live again.

My psoriasis covers a great deal of my body, and is concentrated in the most sensitive of areas. It has severely damaged my social life, and keeps me from sleeping most nights. Due to the constant breaks in my skin, I am always at risk for infections. I even have it on my eyelids, making the simple act of opening my eyes a painful chore. Please, for the wellness of myself and countless others, let us use the powerful natural cure of marijuana to combat our illness.