Retinopathy by Londa

I have had type 1 (insulin dependent) diabetes all my adult life.  Amazingly, I recently turned 50.

I have smoked cannabis since I was a teenager.  i (along with other type 1 diabetics I know) have known for some time the benefits of cannabis when you have this disease.  It is nice to see that this is being proven in studies from all over the world.  

What I would like to address in particular is the relation to diabetic retinopathy (the disease that causes eventual blindness), per my experience.  I quit smoking for about a year and a half when I was in my early thirties.  At the end of that time I was diagnosed with diabetic retinopathy, which would eventually lead to surgeries if not even blindness.  I got the connection right away, and began smoking daily again.  This was about 16 or so years ago.

The last eye exam I had (I must have these every year) the retinopathy is gone from one eye and only one small spot remains in the other.  Each year the ophthalmologist is surprised that the retinopathy has been improving.  This last year he was amazed, as this is usually a progressive disease.

I am very thankful to this wonderful plant, because i believe it has prolonged not only my eye sight, but my life.