Primary Sclerosing Cholangeitis
by Anonymous

In December of 1994 I was diagnosed with primary sclerosing cholangeitis, a genetic autoimmune disease affecting the common bile duct of the liver. It causes inflammation of the bile duct and creates a backing up of the bile in the bloodstream. It is incurable, and liver transplants are unsuccessful as a treatment. Shortly after a stent was implanted for drainage of the bile, I stopped drinking any type of alcohol, worried it would speed up the severity of the symptoms. One of my good friends told me I should try marihuana as a substitute for alcohol as a relaxer and social drug. Upon using marihuana regularly, my blood tests immediately returned to normal. I was able to remove the stent and go off all heavy synthetic drugs. To this day when I stop the use of marihuana for more that a week or so, I begin to feel run down and sick. I hate going out on the street and buying it illegally, risking my freedom over the only substance that is a sure treatment. Unfortunately, after years of research I have never read another documented case such as mine and feel awful that others with my disease die every day. I have even made up lies, explaining that my original diagnosis was a mistake, but I live with the knowledge that marihuana use has saved my life. I know that marihuana is one of the least harmful yet most effective anti-inflammatory drugs known and that it is key in suppressing the autoimmune system.