Sickle Cell Anemia by Shaniqua

 I just wanted to tell my story about my kid’s dad. He has sickle cell anemia which is a horrible and painful disease. He was born with it. When he was young (too little to smoke) his mother says he was in the hospital all the time. He missed half of his fourth grade school year. He had one transfusion, and a bone marrow transplant. Still, nothing could sooth the pain except morphine, codeine etc.

Then he started to smoke marijuana. His doctor asked what was different, because the man only got sick once a year!! And when he did it was only for a day or two.. Before, he would be in the hospital for weeks.

I smoked at the beginning of my pregnancy but stopped around 5months. During the first five months I  had trouble eating in the morning (not morning sickness) and an upset stomach all day--  I was already skinny and my doctor wanted me to gain weight,  but I couldn't stop the nausea-- until I smelled or took a couple of tokes and felt ten times better.

I believe 100% that marijuana is a cure for nausea.