Familial Spastic Paraplegia by Anonymous

My name is Kenneth Houser. I am 39 years old and suffer from a genetic disorder called Familial Spastic Parapelegia. It affects the muscles in the hips and causes the legs to rotate inward. There is also early onset of arthritis, especially in the knees. In 1999, I went to prison on D.U.I. charges. This is not a story about that. It is about how my flexibility diminished while I didn't have marijuana. I was in prison two years. After one year, I couldn't kneel down on the floor. My knees wouldn't bend far enough. And I don't mean that it was only too painful. My knees would not bend all the way. I went to the doctor. He prescribed a drug called Robaxin. It was supposed to help. It didn't. So, I lived with the pain for a year. The day I came home, I went and found some weed. I smoked every day, in varying quantities, depending on what I was doing. After three weeks, I could bend my knees again, and after four weeks, it didn't even hurt. It has been six months now since my release from prison.