Generalized Torsion Dystonia: by Vivian

Generalized torsion dystoniais a chronic, incurable and very disabling condition, in which the muscles go into spasm. The agonist and antagonist muscles pull at the same time (normally, one tightens and the other relaxes).

'Treatment' is brain surgery with dubious results, botox for milder cases, or Diazepam and the benzos for muscle relaxation. Unfortunately, the benzos create addiction far worse than heroin.

Marijuana is a muscle relaxant, and certainly worked for me, but the problem I have is finding good quality marijuana, rather than 'factory sweepings'.

The London specialists have known since at least 1981 that marijuana helps, but it's now 2003, and they're still sitting on the fence! Attempts to make a synthetic version which works have failed.

At my wits' end.