Tourettes Syndrome

I will keep this short so as not to bore everyone. But ever since I was a kid, from the age of 9, I had these tics, like jerking my head and making noise, and just really was a mess. Most of my friends just accepted them but there were always those few who would make fun of me about what I was doing. For the most part my parents did not know what was wrong with me or even what to do. Mostly mom would just tell me to slow down and relax, or my grandmother would make me some chamomile tea and it seemed to help a little bit. Mom took me to the doctors but they had no idea as to what I had, so it went untreated for years till I graduated and went to college. 

In college I did a lot of pot smoking but no one ever said or noticed that I was different when I smoked; maybe that was because we were all too high to notice anything. 

Now I work for a government (city) and they do drug testing. But some friends of mine begged me to try it once more, since it was 25 years since I smoked pot. I did do it, and wow! It made my tics go away. My friends all said that I seemed to be a lot more relaxed. I now have a problem. Working for a government agency, I can't just risk smoking pot again. I think we need to get a law passed in Congress to allow us to use it for medical reasons.  It helped me and I would use it again.  Having Tourettes can be a living hell from the moment you wake up until you fall asleep.  I