Tourette Syndrome by Sandy Duggan

 My name is Sandy Duggan and I have lived in South Carolina all my life.  I began having motor and vocal tics around age 9. At age 12 I was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome and given Haldol.  I have been on a regimen of drugs from doctors nearly all my life, but to little avail.  I have been married four years and have a beautiful wife and baby boy almost 1 year old.  In South Carolina, the laws are greatly influenced by the churches, not the state.  I am also an ex-cop, and though very skeptical I tried marijuana about a year after leaving the Police Department to start my own business.

I was completely amazed. Not because of the euphoria I got when I was a kid was back. As time went by, the "high" tapered way down and the tics fell about 70%!  I have also found that it is excellent for depression, anxiety, and obsessive compulsive behavior.  My neurologist and my other doctors agree that cannabis could be helpful, and have even agreed to write a prescription, but they say more evidence is needed..  Marijuana is the most effective drug (herb) that I have ever used for Tourette and bipolar II disorder.  I generally smoke 3-4 times per day and use a water pipe. Please contact me any time, as I would love to contribute to your book, and you may publish my name. I will do anything I can to help. Thank you for your time.