Tourette's syndrome by Anonymous

I am a 27 year old female who was diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome when I was 10 by a child psychiatrist. I was originally treated with Haldol at that time for about a year.  After discontinuing the Haldol, I stopped having tics for years to come.  I got into trouble in high school and ran around with people who drank and smoked pot.  Through the years that I smoked pot (15-24 years of age) I never had a tic.  As of a few years ago I stopped using pot because I developed anxiety disorder (which was not attributed to the pot smoking).  I have since been getting progressively worse with the motor and vocal tics.  I am a senior in college and will be graduating this summer.  I also have a three year old daughter.  I am having difficulty attending class and being in social settings due to the fact that I am embarrassed.  Last week I read a story on marijuana and the alleviation of Tourette’s syndrome.  I started smoking pot again and my symptoms have basically disappeared.  I see marijuana as a miracle for myself and my disorder.  I finally have the confidence to be around other people.