Trigeminal Neuralgia by Sherrie Toland

I have trigeminal neuralgia, which is rare. I have it bilaterally, which is very rare indeed.

I have had this since childhood. I'm 40 now. Trigeminal neuralgia is the worst pain known to medicine. I've been diagnosed as suicidal over it.  Thank GOD I am now in counseling to deal with T.N. and all its evils.

Bottom line: nothing beats the pain of T.N.

And I've tried everything. Now I'm told none of the surgeries or even the latest and greatest Gamma Knife is likely to work. And since I've had this since childhood, I can understand why it wouldn't. Too little, too late. But I can't understand why I can get prescriptions for opiates on top of opiates and then more and more sedatives and anti depressants. It's enough to drive one crazy.

And the bottom line: marijuana works better than opiates and using it I would not need as many opiates. At the worst in my case, wouldn't marijuana be the lesser of two evils? I truly worry about all the opiates, and I don't want to be an addict. I qualify under the laws of Washington State for a marijuana recommendation. If A trigeminal neuralgia patient with the worst pain on the planet can't get marijuana in the U.S., what hope do we have?