by Mary Mackenzie

My medicinal experience with marihuana occurred in 1984 in Phoenix, Arizona where I lived at the time. I had arranged to have an abortion; however, when I went in for the procedure we discovered I was farther along than expected, so an alternative procedure was necessary. I was sent home after having seaweed inserted into my cervix to force my diaphragm to expand. In essence, I was in labor, and after three hours of dry heaving every five minutes, I called the nurse to get a prescription. When this proved not to work, I called the nurse back. She was adamant that I could not tell anyone what she would say next because she could lose her job. She told me to have my friends get me a small amount of marihuana and smoke it; sure enough, thirty minutes later I was asleep. When I awoke an hour later, I smoked a little more and slept through the night. This was the only medication that would end my contractions and let me rest. Through this experience I concluded that anyone enduring chemo cancer treatments would only get relief from smoking pot. Since that time I have met several AIDS patients who use pot to get hungry enough to eat.