Treatment of Cancer, ADD, and PTSD
by Patty Allen

I am a 41-year-old woman, mother of three, with breast cancer, currently undergoing chemotherapy. Marihuana is definitely helpful in easing nausea associated with chemotherapy. It also helps with the pain I am experiencing with Taxol chemotherapy. In both instances it takes the edge off -- meaning it has an effect, but doesn't totally eliminate the symptoms. Like a painkiller, it doesn't take away the pain; it just makes it more bearable. So, whether the effect is mental or physical, or both, if there is any question whether it works...yes, it does something.

I also believe in its use for ADD and other neurological disorders, including depression. I am much more able to focus (although I admit it impairs my memory) on a book or movie when I have smoked.

I also suffer from PTSD. I believe its best use is in "calming" the periods of intense anger I experience when memories are triggered. Perspective returns and I am able to "cope" with the issues.

I live in Massachusetts, and at my age find that it is getting more and more difficult to locate quality marihuana for a reasonable price. It isn't that people my age aren't smoking it; it is that they don't talk about it. My teenager has a better chance of finding it than I do. For this reason I support legalization for medicinal use.

If you would like more information, I would be willing to discuss this with you. I have three more months of chemotherapy left and would be happy to be a guinea pig for someone's science project and/or an advocate for medicinal use for pain and nausea relief during chemotherapy.

In return, I'd like to become more involved in your work.