Allergy by Glenn Dogherty


Let me be honest .I truly think I have the worst allergies anyone has ever seen. I mean I should live in a plastic bubble.  It is that bad.. I have been on shots, drops, and meds. I was asked by friends if I wanted to smoke, and at first I was skeptical. But after research I have found marijuana was completely healthy, and I went to smoke with my friends. After smoking every now and then I seem to forget that I even have allergies and can enjoy the finer things in life. I was caught using marijuana and have been kept on a short leash ever since. My forgotten allergies have returned to taunt me.


Marijuana isn't not something I use to be cool or to fit in.  For me it’s simply provides the best allergy relief I could ever dream of, and it also helps my physical pain.. Marijuana is safer then any over-the-counter prescription drug, such as Advil.