Violent Antisocial Behavior by Larry F.

My name is Larry, and I want to tell you about my medical use of mary j.

First off, I have always been a little different. What I mean is I have always been really aggressive. It was not bad until I was about 16 years old. I tried to control it but just could not. As time went on, I even got violent. I would push my wife and yell all the time. It would get to a point where I knew I was in the wrong, but the more I tried to calm down, the more I got out of control. I just could not beat the mean feeling. Well, I lost my little girl and wife from the way I was. I soon turned to hard drugs. Crank, meth, acid, all kinds of pills. Well, while I was on what ever it was I was using, I did really good. Go figure. But soon after I just could not stop, and the drugs no longer worked. So a few years latter I turned to crime. Well, for what ever reason, being a criminal made me feel better. SICK I KNOW! And just like the other stuff, that stopped working too. 

Well, a few years later I got arrested for armed robbery! While in jail they said I was not right upstairs, if you know what I mean. Well, they gave me a lot of meds like Mellaril, and they worked for a while I was even calm enough to meet someone and remarry.  But then they stopped working as well, and sure enough I was back being my typical self , yelling and pushing holes into the walls. Could not hold a job.

Well, one day while at work, a friend said, hey, after work letís get high on pot. Well, I had tried it once when I was 11 and did not like it. Well, to make a long story short, it made me feel down to earth, but because of the drug policy at work I couldnít smoke regularly. And I could not always get it and knew nothing about growing. Well, I hurt myself at work due to being aggressive once again. I soon found out I could get a medical card for my chronic pain. I did get one and have been smoking medical pot for almost a year, and guess what--my wife decided to stay and I get along way way better with my kids and I even have way way less pain. Itís been almost a year, and I have not lost my family, and itís changed my life for the best. .I no longer take meds for my bipolar disorder and depression.  I donít get the same ups and downs I get with the other meds. Also, the medical pot stays in my system even when Iím not smoking or eating it, and I donít get angry.  It saved my life. I no longer feel like killing myself or family. I am no longer beating up the dude in front of me who drives too slowly. Where before I would cut them off and kick ass. Now I see life in a much better way, and I can even think straight. I will never go back to mental meds.  Even my wife changed her mind about being against it. She even says if I quit smoking it or eating (cooking with it) she thinks she will leave.