Severe Social Anxiety and Depression by Anonymous

I have to say that marijuana is the only thing that has gotten me this far in my short life. I am 22 now but I started smoking when I was 13 years old. I have used for nine years now- every day that I was not in 'trouble".

I have severe social anxiety disorder- which  means I cannot go into a public place without having panic attacks. It got so bad that when I would wake up to go to high school I would vomit because I was so nervous about being with ALL of the other kids. I can not explain the feeling to a person who has never experienced this. Other than that I was depressed. I had been to hospitals, rehabs, and any other place that can medicate/diagnose you with mental health issues. I could not overcome these issues. I tried Lexapro, Zoloft, Prozac, Valium. clonazepam Xanax and so many more I can't think of their names. The only things that helped at all were Lexapro(which is $78.00 a month) and Xanax-(which didn't cost much-it just had side effects like leaving me unmotivated and tired). Being 22, I am to young to be unmotivated because I am trying to figure out life. And paying $78 a month for Lexapro was impossible because I live alone and work full time, so I cannot get any assistance for my 'scrips and cannot afford them without help. So the only solution I came up with was smoking marijuana.

I do not have a 'scrip for it because I live in Arkansas and we are so far behind on laws we haven't even considered medical marijuana.  Regardless of having a 'scrip or not, I use because it is the only thing that helps! It lifts the depression, calms my mood swings, and mellows me out so that I have no anxiety. This is truly a miracle "drug”