Arthritis by Harry Clayman

I am a 70-year-oldman who suffered from extreme anxiety as a teen and young man (age 20-45). I was introduced to cannabis in the late 60s and have been a regular user since then. I have stopped for periods of up to a year with no appreciable withdrawal reaction, but have always started to use again because the anxiety became intolerable. Presently, I live in Colorado, which does have a medical marijuana law. I am tired of being a criminal. I have few symptoms of anxiety now. My age perhaps? What I do have is a spinal fusion and laminectomy in the past 10 years, a fractured hip which required two trips to the OR, and last but not least, arthritis. Every joint (no pun intended) in my body is sore as hell at times, but mostly it is my shoulders and elbows. I am still fairly active, and the cannabis keeps me going, because, a. It gives me pain relief, b. I enjoy food, social interaction and yes, c. sex (with my wife of course). It also helps me to sleep with few interruptions, few dreams, and allows me to wake up feeling rested. Did I mention that I am bipolar (not manic but very hyper at times). I have requested a medical permit and my doctor has consented to submit the paperwork. Presently, I have not used cannabis for 3 months, and I feel crappy, I have a strong artistic bent and am pretty good but have done little since stopping and  nothing with any passion. I hope my permit for medical use is approved, but if not, I guess I will still be a criminal. What will my grandchildren say? My thanks to Dr. G and other dedicated researchers for this site and the opportunity to say my piece. Wish me luck, and good luck and God be with you all.