Arthritic Pain by Christopher Kaczmarek

I am a single male, 33 years old with no children. I am a full-time student at Delta College in Saginaw Michigan. I started using marijuana in my teen years as a recreational drug, but after suffering a serious injury to my hip that caused me to get a full right hip replacement, I quickly found out the medicinal value of marijuana.


The marijuana I use is smoked either in a "joint" or in a small pipe. I find that marijuana does wonders for the arthritis that I suffer from as the result of my prosthetic hip replacement.

Not only does marijuana ease my pain caused by arthritis, but it also calms my nerves and eases stress and anxiety that I believe is also a result from the arthritis pain that is constant and never ending.

I cannot work as the result of my pain, and I am not eligible for state assistance because the state won't recognize me as being disabled. I am not eligible to receive Medicaid from Michigan because our Governor has cut the funds for anyone who it is not considered disabled, and changed the policy so that it turns into a two-year long court battle before you can be considered disabled.

I can't wait for two years to get the pain meds that I need now. I worked all of my life and paid my taxes. This is how the government repays me. They tell me to sit and wait, while I suffer without medication.

Marijuana cures that pain. It helps me get on with a normal daily life. I use almost every day with no side effects. I am an all "A" student. Marijuana costs me approximately 10-15 dollars a gram. I get 1-3 uses from a single gram. I have to use at least one to three times per day to gain the desired effects that allow me to live a normal life.